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Are You An IT Superhero?

X-Men and Women Appearing At An IT Department Near You

At times, do you think you're a Superman or Wonder Woman? Pitted in a daily struggle between the IT department and the business units? We all know that IT managers juggle a number of hats and scramble to put out dozens of fires, and truly can be a superhero to their organizations.

But did you ever think about what kind of superhero you are? Where do you rank in the Legion of Superhero's taxonomy? Are you an IT Wolverine, Green Lantern or Flash?

Take the IT X-Men (or Women) quiz to see if you have the right stuff to be an IT Superhero.

1. Do you do it all?
A one-man or one-woman shop? Able to leap tall stacks of blades in a single bound? Delivering uninterrupted download services at the speed of a 50-Mbps bullet? You're a man or woman of titanium. The only thing that can sap your strength is not kryptonite, it's klez. If this is you, then you're an IT Superman or Wonder Woman.

2. Do jump from one series of projects to another?
Do you climb twenty-foot tall server racks to service a blade? Are you expert at maneuvering around the web?  More comfortable with an address that starts with www? Hell-o IT Spiderman.

3. Do you feel like you have two personalities?
Does one alter ego hob-nob with business types, delivering the IT value pitch of ROI and TCO?  Does another personality emerge as the technology crusader who understands connectivity issues like copper MM or SM/fiber and 10M/100M/1000 and 10G requirements for throughput? You might qualify as Bat-IT-man.

4. Are your IT senses enhanced?
If you approach a single IT desktop problem, do you use all your senses and interact with the motherboard, CPU, peripherals, video-cards, mouse, keyboard? Do you see, hear, smell, and touch everything? Do you file away IP addresses in your mind and track other computer users from even the slightest trace of IP clues? You're the Wolverine of IT. (P.S., do you not file your nails?)

5. Do you have limitless endurance and strength?
Pull NOC all-nighters and stay on call 24/7? Live in an IT world of extreme emotional stress? When the phone rings, do you jump almost into the atmosphere? As your adrenaline surges at the thought of customer outages, does your IT strength increase? You're the Hulk of the technology department.

6. Are you locked in a battle over energy to power your IT projects?
Feeling that Deceptive colleagues are claiming Green initiatives to limit your energy resources? Do you have your own power reserves and develop your own projects? Do you transform a variety of local resources into upgrades for your IT projects? Welcome to the world of superhero IT Transformers.

Whether you recognized yourself in the list or not, if you work in IT, you belong there.  No matter what your role in IT, in some way you offer the vision of a better world.  You help bring connectivity, innovation and technology to businesses, to governments, to countries and to individuals. And in anybody's book, that makes you a superhero! 

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Loraine Antrim is co-founder of Core Ideas Communication, a communications consulting agency focused on presentation development and media training for C-suite executives. Core Ideas enables executives to package and communicate relevant and compelling messages in their presentations and interviews. Loraine's expertise is killing butterflies. You know, butterflies: the feeling in your stomach before you have to present or speak in public. Loraine works with executives to create a powerful story, memorable messages and an authentic delivery style. Confidence kicks in, and butterflies scatter. Nice work killing butterflies! You can contact Loraine at: manager at coreideas.com